Our mission is to ignite the ferocious appetite for tech within people of all backgrounds and skill levels through fresh and relatable content and services, and empower them leverage technology to make the world a better place.

Our core values listed below guide us in all relationships with our clients and fellow team members. These values demonstrate the pillars our community’s culture thrives on. They will be used to assess all future business decisions to ensure we stay true to our selves.


We will always "do the right thing" when it comes to our clients projects. We highly support the "Leave It Better Than You Found It" mantra and will never shortchange our approach to a solution for matters of convenience.


We will keep all project stakeholders in the know throughout all stages of the projects lifecycle. You will never need to inquire about project milestones and current statuses because we will deliver clear and routine project reports to keep every one up to date.


We encourage open communication of ideas and views throughout in all relationships within our team as well as with our clients. We use clear, intentional, and effective communication amongst each other and our clients to ensure goals are met and projects succeed.

Commitment To Learning

We commit to navigating the ever changing web tech ecosystem and educating ourselves on the vast options available. We will utilize this knowledge to create solutions that provide our clients with the greatest value.


Our team will stand by our commitments to each other and your project goals and deliver on a consistent basis. We pride our ability to accurately estimate project milestones and timelines so that you can move forward with other critical initiatives for your business.


We foster a culture that encourages open creativity at all times. We leverage the diverse set of perspectives and experience of our team members to deliver fresh innovative solutions to our clients.


We encourage all team members to create a healthy work/life balance that allows them to effectively provide value to the organization but not at a cost to their well being. We provide regular opportunities for employees to socialize and interact in a non work atmosphere to foster this balance.