Hello, World! My name is LaDell Erby and I am an aspiring technologist. Watching the world of tech evolve is fascinating to me and I am forever learning the concepts, trends, and products that keep the field moving. I started my professional web technology career working as a tech support agent for a start up business management SaaS company MINDBODY INC, but my roots go back to my younger years of playing video games across a myriad of platforms, AOL chat over dial up (#GrowingUpInThe90s), and applying the dopest themes and glitter gifs to my Myspace page!

My current discipline in the tech sector is Quality Assurance. I currently have 6+ years experience creating and leveraging tools to test various web and mobile applications as well as API’s. Throughout the years I have also helped family and friends design and deploy websites and applications for various businesses which led me to create this web design agency, Tech Savagery. Along with this agency, I have decided to create a blog with the following mission.

“Delivering fresh, relatable, and actionable tech articles for people of all backgrounds and skill levels.”

The common goal of each post will be to answer the What, Why, and How of the tech topic at hand so that readers at every level can harness this info and advance their journey as a technologist. During the early stages of my journey into tech, many of the concepts and products seemed to work like “magic” and I believe that this is a common feeling most experience. Lets uncover the “magic” step by step and encourage growth in community.  Below are the goals of the questions each post will answer.


Here we will define the product, technology, idea, or process being discussed in the post. This section will provide you with a high level overview so that you understand what exactly the post is referring to. This section will also provide links to more in-depth details to allow you to dig deeper.


This section will cover how the blog topic fits in with the tech sector as a whole. During my journey, something that helped me out tremendously was understanding why technologies were created, what problems they solved, and how they interact with other key components.


This section will provide working examples of the technology topic as well steps forward to advance the readers understanding. We are big supporters of the “Learn by doing” model, and this section will highlight multiple opportunities to leverage the blog topic in real life scenarios.

I am excited to share the lessons I have learned and research new ones on my ever evolving quest as a technologist!

Learn it.

Love it.

Leverage it.